Hello and thank you for stopping by!

In the midst of all the shifting, changing, healing, letting go, evolving… the crumbling, the waking up and so much more – I wanted to create a place to celebrate our beautiful life here on this vibrant, living being, Gaia/Earth. I know there are challenges, and I also know this Earth is alive, and we, the human family, we are realizing who we really are and what we truly came here for. I want to celebrate us remembering our hearts, and finding that place in each other again, and having the vision, the courage to live that truth out loud. I believe we wish to live our lives with substance, with connection, with the blessings of light available in each moment… while honoring natural places and the beings who live there as our collaborators in this time together.

I do believe. I have great hope. And I welcome you to join me in the dream!

Blessings be, and so it is – In Lak’ech Ala K’in


 All Content Copyright © 2017  Photos/Words by Amy Allis